Establishing a Cancer Support Group

Every day people battle cancer and their loved ones fight alongside them. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to talk to, someone who is going through what you are going through and somewhere where you can access information and advice during this difficult time.

You may be thinking of establishing a cancer support group for yourself as you struggle with this difficult condition or you may be considering setting one up for the loved ones who have someone struggling with cancer, either way there are easy steps to take to bring your group together.


The most important thing to consider about your group is where to hold the meetings. An area which can be easily accessed is important to ensure that members will join the group. Locations which are out of the way and not accessible with public transport aren’t always the best choice. If you’re near a city do a simple online search such as office space New York, this way you can find available properties to use.


The next decision to make when establishing your group is how often you should meet. Umbrella companies meet once a month or so, but when you are struggling to fight a condition such as cancer, you may find it meaningful to have the support on a regular basis. Once a week is often ample with the ability to phone each other if you need a shoulder during the week.

Advertise Your Group

If you know of people in your area going through the same thing you are, you can invite them to join your group, but obviously the reason for setting up this group is to invite as many people as possible to get the support group you need and want. Online advertising is the cheapest option, though you may find the newspapers and radios will be willing to advertise for free as it’s for a good cause. You can learn more about advertising online, but simple social media pages on Facebook and twitter can help you in the long run.

One of the main aims that support groups get together is to gather as much information as possible to help them overcome their fears and concerns. You can contact health organizations and ask for any materials they are able to provide you with. Online searches will bring up a lot of information which can be printed out with ease. Remember you can find information online as easy as finding mens wetsuits or remodeling estimates.


If you are setting up this support group in your private capacity then offering refreshments at every meeting can work out expensive for you. You can suggest in the first meeting that everyone takes turns in providing coffees and biscuits, his way it’s like a free e cigarette; you don’t have to take the burden of cost from the onset.

Remember that deciding to set up a cancer support group will be a welcome addition to your community as thousands of people struggle with this disease each and every day. Having someone to turn to is like having the best anti aging cream available on the market, being able to pick up the obama phone and speak to someone when you are worried or concerned can make all the difference.