Different Types of Cancer

There is no easy way to classify cancer. Today, the word cancer is used to refer to a broad class of malignant diseases that affect various parts of the human body. Its pervasiveness and aggressiveness as a medical condition means it can virtually affect any organ or system and in the process manifests itself through a variety of symptoms. But with so many different types manifesting in various forms and requiring different methods of treatment, classifying cancers can be just as painful as having a pinched nerve.

There are, however, ways that cancers can be categorized in a more systematic approach. One way of doing this is by looking at specific body systems that are affected by the cancer. From there, one can simply name the system that is being impacted and then all the different types that impact that system are subsequently defined. In this regard, it helps to mention that naming cancers are largely based on the first organ or system where the cancer has been detected. Should it metastasize to other parts of the body, it remains to be classified as cancer which affects the original organ and not those that are affected at a later time.

Here are some common cancers classified according to the body systems that are being affected.

Blood cancers. Leukemia is the most famous example of this type of cancer but there are many others. Run a zoekmachine optimalisatie query on the internet and you will find that lymphoma and myeloma are also different types of blood cancers. These illnesses primarily affect the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets but are especially dangerous because the blood travels through all the major body systems and organs.
Brain cancers. Brain tumors are examples of brain cancers and yes, it is false to assume that these can develop from improper use of coconut for hair. Brain cancers are primarily due to mutations of cells in the brain resulting to conditions that have very long medical names but are essentially different version of tumors.
Digestive cancers. These are also prevalent because there are more organs that can be affected by the cancer. Like a car accident, digestive cancers can be an absolute train wreck and often constitute some of the most painful cancers known to man. Common examples include colon and small intestine cancer but there are many others include anal and rectal cancers, esophageal cancers, and liver and pancreatic cancers.
Respiratory cancers. Lung cancer is a fairly common condition and can develop either because of smoking or exposure to pollutants in the air. We’ve read so many movie reviews focusing on lung cancer as a condition but other types include mesothelioma and carcinoma. Some types can be more aggressive and harder to treat than others so a definitive diagnosis is particularly important in the case of lung cancers.
Skin cancers. The skin is the biggest organ in the body and is directly exposed to the elements that it is widely susceptible to many causes that can trigger the onset of cancer. Even something as simple as blogging for kids can be quite deadly if the kids are exposed to so much radiation from being in contact with computers. Sensitivity due to genetic factors also exacerbates the condition and can lead to more serious types. The more common are sarcomas and melanomas and a growing number can be traced to excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun during those lazy sunbathing days at the beach.

By no means is this an exhaustive listing but it contains most of the different types of cancer that are commonly seen. It is important to understand that in some cases, there is little that we can do to prevent the onset of cancer. But where we can make healthier lifestyle choices to keep it at bay, then we should take the necessary steps to make sure that we do not unnecessarily increase our risk factors towards developing cancers in whatever shape or form.