Cancer Awareness – Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer has become one of the major health problems around the world. Each day a number of people die around the world due to cancer. So, it has become a major concern of the health specialists and the ordinary people. The people need to know the signs and symptoms to detect the disease at a primary stage and take proper steps as soon as possible to save themselves. This article aims at making its readers aware about the signs and symptoms of three of the major forms of cancers.
Kidney cancer:

Firstly, the patient will find blood in urine. The amount can vary from person to person. This symptom is called hematuria. The color of the blood may make the urine look rust, red or pink color.

Secondly, the patient may feel severe back pain in some cases. The pain usually takes place in the joint of your body where the spine meets the ribs.

Thirdly, there may be lumps or growths in the kidney arena. The lumps can be felt from outside. The patients will have to go through tests to identify whether the lump is cancerous.
Terminal Colon Cancer:

Firstly, the patient may suffer from various kinds of pain. Often it is an early symptom and often the pain is a late symptom. The place of the cancer determines the severity of the pain. The pain is caused because the cancer destroys or compresses the nerves.

Secondly, in serious cases, the patient may find blood in his or her bowel movements. The stool may look tarry or black with red blood. The bowel movements that are black are more serious than the red ones. The appearance of the blood can be intermittent or constant. Often it might be so less in amount that you will not find it at all. The reason for the bleeding is the growth of the tumor.

Thirdly, with the advancement of the colon cancer the tumors also grow in size. Sooner or later the tumor blocks the movement of food through the colon of the patient and causes improper digestion. The patient become very weak as he does not get the nutrition he needs due to this indigestion.

Fourthly, the patient may suffer from Anemia because of the persistent bleeding inside. Again, as the patient is not able to take the proper nutrition properly. He loses his weight rapidly.
Brain Cancer Metastasis:

Firstly, headache is the most common and obvious symptom of brain cancer. This results from the tumors that compress the tissue in the brain and obstructs the cerebrospinal fluid flow. The headache may occur at any time. The headache gets more severe as the tumor grows.

Secondly, the patient often suffers from seizures. The common forms of seizures are abnormal taste or smells; feeling of tingling or numbness; or speech problems. The major forms include convulsions; loss of consciousness; or irrepressible muscle jerking.

Thirdly, the patient may suffer from muscle weakness. This happened because our brain controls our muscles. Due to tumor, our brain cannot send signals properly to our muscles. So, gradually they become weak.

Fourthly, the patient may suffer from motor difficulties; such as, partial paralysis; balance problems; difficulty walking; speech problem; vision problem etc.

Fifthly, emotional or behavioral changes take place in case of brain cancer. The symptoms include: confusion; poor memory; impaired reasoning; problems of concentrating; mood changes; personality changes; etc.