The group is here to provide a space for people living with cancer to share their experience and feelings around cancer in a caring environment in which support can be given and received, and quality of life enhanced. Cancer can be a frightening, sometimes devastating experience. Cancer patients often say their life and outlook are irrevocably changed by their illness. By sharing, feelings of isolation can be reduced, fears expressed and realistically managed, and coping strategies explored. The group itself is a network for relevant information and services.
A little more about us

We are open to present and former cancer patients and their friends and families. We offer a free-of-charge information and support program on cancer led by qualified volunteers who address the English-speaking community of Paris. We run groups for individuals just receiving a diagnosis and undergoing treatment, and also for individuals 2/3 years beyond treatment.

These groups can be composed of people who have different types of cancers, or a single cancer types such as breast or prostrate cancer depending on community demand. We also work with cancer related infertility issues.

The group was founded in 1996 in response to a request from The for assistance in setting up cancer support groups at the Hospital. Each year since 1996 there has been at least one group running. In 1999 at the request of group members, the group moved to the premises to provide a less medical setting for meetings. In 2003/4 the group received a grant from the.

Why a Group?

In 2006 the stated on its web site,

“Studies have found that cancer support groups can enhance self-esteem, reduce depression, decrease anxiety and improve relationships with family members and friends. Support groups also can help you cope better with your diagnosis and increase your knowledge of cancer and its treatment. Early research suggested support groups could help people with cancer live longer. More recent studies have not supported this finding. Even so, the emotional benefits these groups can provide are significant. Support groups have greatly improved the quality of life of many people who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

We are a group which meets together in person on a bi-monthly bases. There are also groups available via telephone and internet (see the Helpful Links page). Preference for one type of support or another is a very individual matter. As part of our service, we will meet with individuals to assist them to determine what best suits their support needs.